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Plasma Cutting

Plasma cutting, although it is not a new technology, is one of the most efficient and productive methods for manufacturers who want to provide their customers with high quality results. Plasma cutting utilizes highly energized gases in an ionized and electrically conductive state, otherwise known simply as a plasma, to transfer electrical energy to a metal surface and make a clean, efficient cut.

The real potential of this technology for industrial manufacturing is only unleashed when it is combined with state of the art computer software and high precision motion controls, allowing manufacturers to set the exact specifications for their cuts using a computerized interface. This principle is the basis of all industrial level plasma cutting services.

The Best Plasma Cutting Systems, Made with Heavy Industrial Use in Mind.

This intersection of the best technologies with the efficient, proven capability of plasma cutting systems is where the ALLtra Corporation comes in. Since 1992, ALLtra has been on the cutting edge of plasma cutting and metal fabrication automating services.

ALLtra Corporation's products for plasma cutting include the PG-14 and HG-30 series of fully customized plasma cutting and marking machines, both designed for use in heavy duty industrial applications. As their designations imply, the PG-14 series is designed for cuts of up to 14', whereas the HG-30 model will handle cuts of up to 30'. Optional features offered on both machines also allow prospective customers to customize these machines even further to their particular manufacturing needs.

Plasma Cutting Applications

The highest quality plasma cutting starts with world leading plasma technology. ALLtra incorporates the brain trust of our software and hardware engineers with the expertise of the best plasma system manufacturers to deliver results that exceed other manufacturers who simply integrate systems onto a gantry. Plasma on ALLtra machines provides the highest quality cuts with better motion and height control, simpler operation, and lower maintenance. ALLtra plasma cutting systems utilize cutting edge technologies, including:

  • Hypertherm TrueHole Technology
  • Carbon Steel Plasma Cutting to 3” (75mm)
  • Non-Ferrous Plasma Cutting to 6” (150mm)
  • Integrated Plasma Marking
  • Plasma Beveling for Single or Compound Edge Preparation
  • Pipe & Tube Coping, Beveling and Cut-To-Length

ALLtra engineers don’t make plasma – we make better plasma cutting.

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If you are looking for high-tech, efficient, and customized solutions for your heavy industrial manufacturing facility, please call us at 918-534-5100 or contact us to set an appointment with a representative of the sales department, and see what an ALLtra Corporation system can offer for your needs. 

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