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Sheet Cutting

Sheet metal, in its technical definition, is metal that has been rolled out to a thickness of up to 6 millimeters, but is still thicker than a roll of metal foil. This type of metal is frequently used in vehicle body manufacturing, construction applications, and industrial equipment. For this reason, many manufacturers require dedicated systems for cutting and machining sheet metals. Cutting sheet metal into predetermined shapes and sizes for metal fabrication presents some unique challenges and opportunities. The high cutting speeds and typical requirements for cutting notches and smaller internal cuts require a robust gantry with exceptional motion and process control.

ALLtra's Sheet Cutting Capabilities

As is true almost universally in modern industry, sheet cutting operations do not reach their full potential of productivity until the machines performing the cutting have been combined with high precision computerized controls and integrated software to allow for full automation of the cutting process. This type of automation is the specialty of the ALLtra Corporation. ALLtra's sheet metal cutting systems combine state of the art technology for computerized cutting automation with the best and most versatile hardware available.

For sheet cutting operations, the PG-14 cutting system is worthy of particular note. Combining various cutting stations and a wide range of marking technologies, the PG-14 is a versatile solution for any manufacturing facility. This versatility is only enhanced by a variety of options that can be added to the system to customize it even further to specific cutting and marking applications. As with all ALLtra fabrication systems, the PG-14 cutting system makes use of sophisticated computer systems and industry leading software to maximize productivity and cut down on material waste.

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