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Tube Cutting

Industrial tube cutting machines are among the machines that form the basis of most heavy manufacturing facilities. As one of the integral machines necessary for the success of a manufacturer, special attention should be paid when selecting the tube cutting machine for a factory.

What is Tube Cutting?

Rectangular tube cutting requires more than just cutting tube to predetermined lengths. It also requires the ability to cut shapes from any side of the tube as well. The cut tube can then be handled fewer times for the manufacture of frameworks, hydraulic conveyance systems, or simply the production of lengths of the tubing to be sold as parts. This operation becomes more complex when additional motion axis are required to cut, cope, or bevel lengths of tube or to produce cuts on any side of the tube. For the process to be as efficient and productive as possible, the basic tube cutting unit must be combined with the most cutting edge technologies and software.

ALLtra's Tube Cutting Capabilities

This is where ALLtra Corporation's Tube Cutting Machines set themselves apart. Far from being simple machines whose only function is to cut tubes to set lengths, ALLtra Corporation's machines integrate computerized controls and high precision cutting hardware, allowing a manufacturer to achieve precise cuts, more complex cutting of the tubing, and high levels of production efficiency. Utilizing intuitive and versatile software, ALLtra delivers tube cutting systems that stand up to the rigors of heavy manufacturing and include a wide range of features and options to support the ever-changing nature of metal fabrication.

Since 1992, the ALLtra Corporation has been combining the best industrial equipment with state of the art technology to facilitate highly efficienct industrial automation. The ALLtra Tube Cutting Systems deliver the technology, reliability and precision, and ALLtra world class service ensures that ALLtra machines are ready to work when you are.

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If you are interested in an ALLtra Tube Cutting System for your manufacturing facility, please contact us to set an appointment or call us at 918-534-5100 to discuss your tube cutting needs with a trained sales representative.

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