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Plate Cutting

In modern metal fabrication, the efficiency of an operation cannot be maximized without computerized automation playing a key role. Precision shape cutting from plates of virtually any width or length and up to 12” thickness requires a comprehensive systems approach and multi-process expertise, ensuring you the lowest cost per cut in the highest production environments. 

What is Plate Cutting?

In the terminology of industrial metal fabrication, plate metal is metal sheet that has been rolled to any thickness greater than 6 millimeters. Generally, plate metal is used in heavy load frameworks, heavy duty industrial equipment, and other applications where high wear and weight are factors in material usage. Large and/or heavy plate cutting requires cutting machines that can cover large areas with both high speed and precision.

ALLtra's Plate Cutting Capabilities

ALLtra Corporation has been on the cutting edge of industrial automation since 1992, and offers a wide range of customized automation solutions for heavy manufacturers, including cutting machines that deliver high speed and precise motion for large metal plate cutting. Most prominent among these solutions is the ALLtra Corporation's HG-30 cutting system.

Combining versatile cutting, beveling, and marking options for a wide range of metal fabrication uses, the HG-30 offers manufacturers a system which has been designed specifically for heavy duty use, over large areas,in the most demanding of industrial applications. The HG-30 integrates computerized controls, leading software brands, and many optional features to allow seamless inclusion into any manufacturing environment. These same features also help to increase productivity and cut down on wasted material, providing even further benefit to the overall efficiency of a facility.

Contact Us Today

If you are interested in exploring the automated plate cutting solutions offered by the ALLtra HG-30 cutting system, please contact us to set an appointment with a member of the sales team or call us at 918-534-5100.

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