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HG-30 Heavy Duty Industrial Cutting Machine


The HG-30 Series Gantry Cutting Machine provides the ultimate solution to a wide variety of cutting widths and lengths. This is a heavy-duty industrial cutting machine designed and manufactured with heavy duty manufacturing in mind. With the flexibility for configurations of up to 12 self-driven oxy-fuel stations or up to four plasma bevel stations, the HG-30 can also accommodate a number of different marking and other secondary operations as well. The HG-30 provides solutions for cutting and marking on cutting widths from 10’ to 30’.  

Quality Construction

Even at a glance, the quality and durability of this industrial-grade machine is evident. The HG-30 is built at our facility with 1/2" thick reinforced carbon steel beam machined to the tightest tolerances in our industry. The HG-30 includes features that competitors offer only as expensive options. Covered linear ways, gantry heat and splatter shield and custom CNC and power-track positions all are part of the comprehensive system delivery that includes 'ground up' installation, all with the best service reputation in the industry.

Innovative Technology

Setting the standard for innovative technology, ALLtra cutting machines go beyond incorporating the leading cutting technologies of today with ALLtra Intelligent Design, service-friendly ALLtra diagnostics and the fast response of ALLtra service. The ALLtra CNC provides a simple user interface with extraordinary power behind the panel. Our software and hardware engineers improve the operation of the best cutting processes available with extremely precise tool positioning and faster positioning algorithms.  

Key Machine Features

  • ALLtra CNC
  • Automatic Torch Spacing
  • Cutting Widths up to 30' (HG-30)
  • Dual Side Drive with AC Brushless Servos and Precision Planetary Gearboxes
  • Large Beam and Protected Dual Linear Ways Ensure Accuracy and Durability 
  • Heavy-Duty Machined Rails with Tongue-in-Groove Assembly for Precise Alignment
  • Optional 'Tucked Rail' for Reduced Floor Space and Improved Loading/Unloading

ALLtra PG30 Tucked Rail

Cutting Process Stations

  • Hypertherm HPR XD Series (licensed for Hypertherm TrueHole™ )
  • ALLtra Plasma BevelKaliburn Spirit 275/400
  • ALLtra Cutting Stations
  • Oxyfuel Cutting Stations
    • AutoHeight Control, AutoIgnition, CNC AutoGas Control
  • Single Axis Bevel Stations for Straight Line Beveling
  • Dual Axis Bevel Station for Four Sided Bevel
  • Full Contour Bevel Stations 

Marking Process Stations

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