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Cutting machines require a host of associated equipment and services to ensure the equipment delivers the value you require for your operations. Our trained and qualified staff provide the recommendations and deliver the service to ensure you have answers for each piece of the system, and you realize the return on your investment with us. From the ground up, ALLtra technology and service ensures your success.

ALLtra manufactures its cutting systems by machining and fabricating the machine and tables in-house, and where possible, on ALLtra machinesThis is a step above other suppliers that simply purchase components and integrate them.

The Product Philosophy of Other Suppliers

Other cutting machine suppliers sell machines as pieces - simply buying whatever technology is available and bolting it all together in their shop. Their technology offering is limited to whatever is available to buy and they often do not have the ability to look at an application and design a machine that provides a comprehensive solution to your cutting needs. Often, their service is limited to simply providing their customers a conduit to the technology supplier.

ALLtra Gears apart

ALLtra's Product Philosophy

ALLtra provides the comprehensive solution in both manufacturing and implementation, with each product featuring ALLtra's Intelligent Design to create a fully-integrated solution for your needs. This means:

  • ALLtra software engineers improve process, improve the user interface, and provide comprehensive diagnostics.
  • ALLtra design engineers create simple answers to complex cutting applications, delivering the industry's best positional accuracy, and minimize customer support requirements.
  • ALLtra service engineers support our machines, cutting tables, programming software, machine operators and maintenance staff.

ALLtra Gears together

Explore Our Products

  • PG-14
    Industrial cutting system from 4'-14' with up to 2 plasma station and 6 oxy-fuel stations.
  • PG-30
    Heavy-duty industrial cutting system from 8'-30' up to 4 plasma stations and 12 oxy-fuel stations.
  • ALLtra Pipe Cutting Systems
    4"-32" pipe processing capabilities including cut to length, coping, weld prep, and other complex geometrical shapes.
  • ALLtra Tube Cutting Systems
    Square and rectangular tube processing from 4"-18"OD up to 42' long.

Contact Us Today

Call us at 918-534-5100 or contact us to set an appointment with a representative of the sales department, and experience the ALLtra difference.

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