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Edge Beveling

In manufacturing processes, it often becomes necessary to create a beveled edge on a metal surface as an edge preparation for welding or to provide a cleaner edge to a finished product. For this reason, systems have been specifically developed for high-efficiency edge beveling in the industrial setting. 

What is Edge Beveling?

Edge beveling provides the ability to cut the plate edge at an angle, rather than leaving it as a flat edge. One of the most effective methods of achieving this is to use plasma cutting technology to cut the bevel. The plasma torch is automatically or manually set to the desired bevel angle for the plate edge, and the cut is made at a specified angle on the edge of the plate, rather than straight through the metal. This is what creates the bevel at the edge of the surface. 

ALLtra's Edge Beveling Capabilities

ALLtra Corporation's HG-30 system for cutting and machining provides an ideal solution for combining cutting and edge beveling in one efficient system. The HG-30 system is optimized with state of the art cutting technology, software from industry leading developers and a wide range of customized options to enhance the system for any manufacturing application. The system is set up to be able to cut a wide range of bevels in different contour types. This allows a great degree of versatility in any cutting and beveling operation.

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If you are interested in using an ALLtra Corporation HG-30 system to enhance the productivity of your manufacturing facility, please contact us to set up an appointment with a sales representative or call us at 918-534-5100 to discuss ALLtra Corporation's solutions to your manufacturing requirements. 

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