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Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Oxy-fuel cutting is a process that utilizes oxygen and fuel gases in order to cut metals. In today’s manufacturing, it is primarily used for cutting thicker carbon steel (above 1 or 2”), where it provides faster cutting speeds with a low investment cost. Oxy-fuel cuts have smooth and vertical planes of cut, and the process provides quality cutting for up to 12” thick carbon steel.

The oxy-fuel process ignites oxygen and fuel gas for a pre-heat flame that ‘kindle’ the material surface. When the surface is at or above this kindling temperature, a separate oxygen jet is delivered to the heated spot to oxidize the metal and remove the slag from the cutting kerf. To deliver the highest quality cutting in an automated environment, the oxy-fuel process should be controlled by advanced electronics that correctly meter the gases and control the timing of the pierce and cutting process. 

ALLtra's Oxy-fuel Cutting Capabilities

ALLtra Corporation offers cutting machines with oxy-fuel stations that provide consistent results from a single or multiple station cutting machines, including the PG-14 and HG-30. ALLtra oxy-fuel cutting machines include key features such as high speed torch positioning, digital control of the preheat and cut gases, and options for automatic height control.

The complete line of oxy-fuel stations includes beveling stations with 1 to 4 torches on a single station. Multi-torch oxy-fuel beveling stations provide the capability to cut knife edge or compound bevels in a single cutting pass, and include features like automatic rotation and height control, bevel angles to 60°, and "off-the-plate" sensing. With ALLtra technology and quality, your operators will produce consistent quality at the fastest possible speeds.

Oxy-Fuel Cutting Applications

Quality oxy-fuel cutting requires operator skill and simple machine interfaces to deliver great results every time. ALLtra service and support ensures your operators produce consistent quality at the fastest speeds with our oxy-fuel cutting systems. ALLtra oxyfuel cutting systems include cutting edge technologies including:

  • Standard Oxy-Fuel Stations
  • Cutting up to 12” (300mm) Carbon Steel
  • Automatic Ignition
  • Automatic Oxy-Fuel Height Control
  • Oxy-Fuel Manual Beveling Adapters
  • Automated Oxy-Fuel Contouring Compound Beveling

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Please contact us at 918-534-5100 or complete our online contact form, to see how ALLtra's line of oxy-fuel cutting machines can improve your bottom line.  

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