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Pipe Cutting

In today’s fast-paced, world economy, it’s more critical than ever for construction projects to meet tight deadlines and keep costs to a minimum. Safety and performance are key factors in any discipline, but especially critical in gas and fluid processing and conveyance systems, where inaccuracy can lead to potential leakage, failure and possibly hazardous conditions.

ALLtra's Pipe Cutting Capabilities

For large piping systems, especially those under pressure, accurate cutting to specified dimensions for close-fitting, tight connections is key to successful completion of a project. ALLtra Pipe Cutting Systems can deliver the accuracy you need to get the job done right. For pipe diameters up to 48” and lengths up to 60 ft, our automated plasma and oxyfuel cutting systems deliver precise cutting for both straight and bevel cutting. ALLtra has also incorporated unique features in our pipe cutting system for marking and measuring the pipe. 

Our unique roller and conveyor system reduces cutting inaccuracy due to out-of-true roundness or pipe bending errors, and our ALLtra Intelligent Design software enables complex cuts and designs to be made easily. From specialized bevels to hole-cutting, the entire process can programmed in advance, reducing setup time. Our specially designed gantry system cradles and maneuvers pipe through the entire cutting process.

For process chemical systems, pressurized fluid or gas delivery and water conveyance applications on a large scale, ALLtra Pipe Cutting Systems can handle the job and deliver a finished product that meets specifications and minimizes lead time for the most demanding projects.

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If you are interested in an ALLtra Pipe Cutting System for your manufacturing facility, please contact us to set an appointment or call us at 918-534-5100 to discuss your pipe cutting needs with a trained sales representative.

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