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Punch and Scribe Marking

When it comes to industrial marking processes, two of the most tried and true systems are known as punch marking and scribe marking systems. These two types of marking stations have been in wide spread use in heavy industry for many years, and have proven themselves to be effective and highly functional. 

What is Punch and Scribe Marking?

These two systems are both based on the principle of pneumatic impact marking. Using compressed air, an air cylinder is used to drive a marking head into the surface being marked at high speed and under high levels of pressure. While both of these systems operate on this principle, scribe marking differentiates itself from punch marking by producing a finer, thinner imprint. Punch marking, on the other hand, will produce a more noticeable, thicker, and deeper imprint. Both of these systems are commonly paired with automatic height controls to keep the marking even and regular.

Despite their functionality, it should be noted that these systems are somewhat slower than other systems of marking, and can be very loud during their operation. However, both systems are excellent solutions for heavy manufacturing applications where light to moderate marking is required.

ALLtra's Punch and Scribe Marking Capabilities

Punch and Scribe Marking Stations from the ALLtra Corporation offer superior quality and customized features which make them perfect for use in manufacturing and heavy industry. These stations will allow manufacturers to make the most out of punch and scribe marking operations, all while providing the highest possible degree of efficiency.

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