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Bevel Stations

While some manufacturers consider beveling a special feature that requires a team of engineers to support, ALLtra plasma and oxy-fuel beveling systems are a focus of our core competency. ALLtra Intelligent Design has developed beveling systems to produce the highest quality single and combination edge bevels while minimizing the complexity and maintenance of these features.

Plasma Bevel Stations

Key features of our plasma bevel stations include:

  • High Speed Positioning
  • Automatic Height Control & Crash Protection
  • Servo Control & Encoder Positioning
  • Automatic Contour Bevel Station
  • Single Axis Bevel Station
  • Robotic Positioning
  • Breakaway Crash Without Need for Re-Alignment

ALLtra Plasma Bevel Stations

Oxyfuel Contour Bevel Stations

Key features of our oxyfuel bevel stations include:

  • Automatic Rotation
  • Automatic Height Control
  • Bevel Angles to 60°
  • "Off-the-Plate" Sense
  • Knife Edge or Compound Bevels

ALLtra Oxyfuel Contour Bevel Stations

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