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Cutting Stations

Utilizing world-leading plasma and oxyfuel systems with seamless integration to ALLtra machine and process control delivers high-quality results with minimal maintenance from the most robust and reliable systems in the marketplace.

ALLtra's hassle-free support and service and reputation for dependability provide you with the security of knowing you can count on our cutting systems for quality and reliability everytime.

Plasma Stations

Straight Plasma

Hypertherm Plasma Systems (*Including TrueHole)

  • Hypertherm HPR-130XD
  • Hypertherm HPR-260XD®
  • Hypertherm HPR-400XD®
  • Hypertherm HPR-800XD®
  • Hypertherm PowerMax Series®

Key Features of Plasma Stations

  • High Speed Positioning
  • Automatic Height Control & Crash Protection
  • Servo Control & Encoder Positioning
  • Plasma Stations for Beveling are Available

Oxyfuel Stations

Oxyfuel cutting is a breeze with ALLtra Intelligent Design and automatic gas control offered on the PG Series Cutting Machines. Offering many different oxyfuel torches, ALLtra oxyfuel stations provide consistent results from single or multiple station machines.

Key Features of Oxyfuel Stations

  • High Speed Torch Positioning
  • Digital Control of Preheats and Cut Oxygen
  • Automatic Height Control Options
  • Oxyfuel Stations for Beveling are Available
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